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Additional services that can be provided are:

Client and shareholder web site

This service enables companies to securely access their register and to download shareholder lists, transfer reports and proxy reports. Shareholders can securely access details regarding their own holdings and can update their address, communications preference and dividend payment details.

Company Secretarial

MSP Secretaries, our parent company, provides a compete and professional company secretarial service including corporate governance issues. MSP Secretaries currently maintains the statutory books of more than 800 companies, provides the company secretary to over 300 of these and also maintains the registered offices of over 1000 companies.

Corporate Actions

We can manage capital issues such as rights issues, open offers and offers for subscription and capital reconstructions such as share consolidations, stock splits and bonus issues. We meet the qualifications required to act as a receiving agent to a takeover offer in accordance with The Takeover Code and we are CREST receiving agents. Share Registrars is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Money Laundering Regulations 2017. We are used to liaising with professional advisors to effect a smooth operation.

Despatch of shareholder communications

We can provide assistance with the printing and despatch to shareholders of Annual Reports, Interim Reports, Notices of General Meetings and other communications.

Electronic communication with shareholders

We can assist companies with the conducting of an e-communication preference exercise including the provision of pro forma documentation. We can record shareholder communication preferences and provide label runs or electronic lists streamed according to elections – electronic, deemed electronic or hard copy. We can email shareholders who have provided their email address with notification that a document is available on the Company’s web site.

Payment of dividends and interest (including BACS)

Where dividends are paid through a Share Registrars client deposit account with our bankers, dividend payments may be made through the BACS system. Management of a dividend payment includes agreeing record and payment dates, ordering cheque stationery from a security printer, printing dividend cheques and counterfoils, printing BACS tax vouchers, submission of the BACS file to the bank and delivery of the dividend to Royal Mail. We will also reconcile client deposit accounts on the company’s behalf. Scrip dividend schemes can also be managed.

Provision of management information

We can provide information of a company’s share register analysed in a wide variety of ways to each company’s specification.

Section 793 requests

We can issue notices under Section 793 Companies Act 2006 requiring nominee shareholders to provide information regarding underlying shareholders.

Our standard services are:

Change of address security letters and dividend mandates

All change of address notifications and dividend mandates received from private individuals are acknowledged in writing.

Maintenance of the share register

We register and certify forms of transfer and process other legal documents affecting title including powers of attorney, changes of address, dividend mandates and acting upon all instructions received though CREST. We also undertake the preparation, sealing and dispatch of share certificates.

Management information

Transfer reports detailing register movements are prepared on a monthly basis. Significant share movements can be notified on a daily basis.

Provision of shareholder list for the Annual General Meeting

A shareholder list is provided as a paper document for the Annual General Meeting.

Shareholder enquiry service

We maintain a correspondence, email and telephone enquiry service for shareholders and their agents. The members of staff who look after the registers of our clients are the same people who deal with queries from clients, their advisors, brokers and shareholders. This enables us to provide an efficient and friendly response.

Statutory inspection rights

We liaise promptly with companies regarding any requests to inspect or copy the register of members. We can provide a supervised facility for register inspection at our offices for requests that meet the “proper purpose” test.


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"Share Registrars have continued to deliver an incredible personalized service since moving our share register to them. I would like to add that we are able to just pick up the phone and speak to one of the team. I have and still would highly recommend them."